Articoli e Preprints

  • Spin dipole oscillation and relaxation of coherently coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
    Alberto Sartori, Jamir Marino, Sandro Stringari, Alessio Recati
    New. Jour. of Phys.: 17, 093036 (Set 2015)
    arXiv: 1310.0400
  • Persistent currents in two-component condensates in a toroidal trap
    Marta Abad, Alberto Sartori, Stefano Finazzi, Alessio Recati
    Phys. Rev. A: 89, 053602 (Mag 2014)
    arXiv: 1310.0400
  • Dynamics of highly unbalanced Bose-Bose mixtures: miscible vs immiscible gases
    Alberto Sartori, Alessio Recati
    Eur. Phys. J. D: 67.260 (Dic 2013)
    arXiv: 1305.2094

Tesi specialistica

  • Mixtures of atomic Bose gases: ground state and dynamics (pdf)